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1200/15m btc flow 4800/1h
220/30m BitDesire 1,000,000
480/1h DanceFaucet 100,000
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900/1h 777bitcoin 70.000.000
1000/day Moon Bitcoin
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10-100,000/5m Coin Checkin 100,000
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* Land Of Bitcoin
* Virtual Coin
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COINHD p2videos
BitcoinClix p2c
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We are giving away bitcoins. Why? Because we can ;)
On our pages you will find information about: You can claim some bitcoins also on our faucet And for shure you should check our bonus faucets: Check out our other faucets: All you need to have is a bitcoin wallet and a microwallet account
Xapo wallet with 5000 satoshis welcome bonus
p2p wallet no transaction fee, plastic, othre crypto currencies
Coinbase wallet no transaction fee
BlockChain wallet
Microwallet account you can create on Land of Bitcoin